Variety trials made easy

Vision   TrialWizard will make design, management and analysis of variety trials more practical and efficient than competing software. Goal is to make sophisticated statistics available without the need for courses or manuals.
History   Development is based on many years of experience and study in practical plant breeding, statistics and software development. Feedback after intensive use by many breeders, assistants and field staff over the years since 1982 has lead to today's robust and user-friendly version of TrialWizard.

TrialWizard .NET

Windows XP lingers on, Vista may still be around as well, Windows 7 is now mainstream, while successor Windows 10 takes over. To stay ahead of any potential compatibility troubles, TrialWizard is regularly updated.


TrialWizard CE, for scoring plots with your PDA

A pocket version of TrialWizard for Windows Mobile up to 6.5 is ready for free download. This is a handy complement to the PC-version of TrialWizard. See field maps of all your trials on your PDA. Check previous observations in the field. Type observations blindly, using the touchscreen. Suitable handheld devices are e.g. HP iPAQ, HTC HD2 smartphones or the more rugged handhelds of PSION, Pidion, Socket SoMo and Honeywell.

Moving from Windows XP to Windows 7 or 8 can initially cause problems to connect your PDA with Windows Mobile. With XP, the free software ActiveSync was needed to connect PDA and PC, but it does not work on Windows 7 en 10. Instead, you should now install "Windows Mobile Device Center" for Vista and newer. There are 2 versions: FOR 64-BITS COMPUTERS, quite common for newer Windows 8-PC's and the VERSION FOR 32-BITS COMPUTERS, for most PC's met Windows 7 and most older PC's.

A unique feature of TrialWizard is that all trial info and recorded data will fit in a single 40 KB file per trial. This means you can just store all your trials on your PDA as well. You can carry out trial recording tasks while on the move. After making observations, the files on your PDA are simply synchronized with those on your PC, using ActiveSync. No need for tedious data transfer anymore, no backlog of work. You will always be up to date.

More info on TrialWizard CE (PDF)